Salveo Capital To Host Marijuana Investment Summit

The Salveo Capital Marijuana Investment Summit will provide attendees with the knowledge to confidently invest in the next great American industry.

With an astronomical 74% growth rate in 2014 legal marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the United States, and while its current $2.7 billion market value sounds impressive it’s only the beginning. As legalization spreads to new states, as markets begin to open, and as the federal governments easesits restrictions the limitless opportunities of this nascent industry will be revealed.
Opportunities to build dominant, national brands; to have a hand in constructing an industry from scratch; to get in before the ground floor is even constructed.
As with any investmentthere are risks and challenges. This Summit will outline not only the tremendous potential of cannabis,but also the potential legal and business pitfalls. The Salveo team will spotlight the difficulties of investing in cannabusinessesand will highlight the ways savvy investors are overcoming the hurdles of such a young market. Additionally, representatives from businesses from several sectors of the industry will be on hand to provide a glimpse atthe best of the companies fundraising in the marijuana space.

The Salveo Capital Marijuana Investment Summit is an invitation-only event open only to accredited investors. Contact us to inquire about an invitation to learn about investment in the cannabis space.


The Salveo Capital Marijuana Investment Summit

When: August 12, 2015

Where: Salveo Capital HQ in Chicago

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Topics will include:

  • A Green Rush? More Like a Green Explosion - The legal marijuana market is ready for an explosion unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime. From growing and selling the plant to cannabis tech, research, and development, billion dollarideas are being hatched right before our eyes. Right now there is an opportunity to invest in one of the most exciting and profitable industries of all time, but this opportunity won’t last forever. Even now, the clock is ticking.


  • The State of the Marijuana Investment Market: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Think investing in marijuana is easy? Think again. The industry is fraught with bad investments - from entrepreneurs with a lack of business acumen, businesses with unreliable and untrustworthy employees, to an unsophisticated and cash-based infrastructure. In this talkwe address the many problems that accompany any attempted foray into the market.


  • Risky Business? The Legal Risks of Investing in Legal Marijuana - Is there any risk of prosecution? Seizure of assets? What truly are the risks of investing in marijuana? The Salveo legal team walks you through the state of the law, the latest developments, and the risks (or lack thereof) of investing in legal marijuana.


  • To Fund or Not to Fund? The Benefits of Working With an Investment Fund in the Marijuana Market - So you’ve decided you want to invest in marijuana - Now what? In this presentationwe discuss the pros and cons of investing in a diversified fund versus an individual company. We will also explore the landscape of different investment vehicles available.

Salveo Capital is a noted thought leader in cannabis investment and has been featured as such in publications such as: