Recapping the First Salveo Capital Investment Summit

Salveo Capital hosted its first Marijuana Investment Summit last Wednesday in Chicago. A packed room of curious individuals spent the day learning about the potential opportunities and potential pitfalls of investing in the legal cannabis industry.

In the opening address managing principal Alex Thiersch spoke on the enormously bright future for those who get into the industry now, before the ground floor has even been built. His talk ranged from the fledgling nature of business infrastructure, to the very recent influx of individuals with past successes in non-marijuana industries, to the changing demographics of the cannabis consumer. 

Though the industry experienced 74% growth in 2014 and legal cannabis sales represented a $2.7 billion market last year, Alex said that these numbers were only the tip of the iceberg. This "green rush" could be an amalgam of the gold rush, the oil boom, and the end of alcohol prohibition all in one.