Newton Mayor Moves Forward on Ascend Mass Location

The Mayor of Newton, Ruthanne Fuller, has announced that she will be signing a provisional HCA with Ascend Mass, a wholly owned subsidiary of Salveo Capital portfolio company AWH. . The property located at 1089 Washington Street will be the third location for Ascend Mass. To date, Ascend Mass is the first and only new operator selected by the Mayor of Newton.

 Newton is one of the largest and most affluent suburbs in Boston. The store site is strategically located near the Massachusetts Turnpike and visible to most commuter traffic.

 This follows Ascend Mass licensing success in the city of Boston and Cambridge. Ascend Mass received the first recreational HCA by the city of Boston for the Flagship location near Faneuil Hall and approval by the city of Cambridge in the Lechmere area.

Subject to final approval, the Ascend Mass Newton store is expected to open in 2020.

- Abner Kurtin, AWH Founder and CEO

Sean Doyle