Four Salveo Capital Portfolio Companies Make High Times 100 Most Influential Figures in Cannabis

The High Times 100 celebrates the 100 most influential people in the cannabis world. From entrepreneurs and activists to entertainers and cultivators, the women and men on this illustrious list are shaping the current cannabis industry. This year, four Salveo Capital portfolio company employees made the list:

John Yang

The co-founder and CEO of the point-of-sale software company Treez, John Yang, boasts technology-management expertise that helps his company serve high-revenue retailers with a variety of locations. As a 12-year-old, he worked in his father’s computer shop and later solidified his experience at Slalom Consulting, a top business and technology firm. Today, his innovative software creations can be found in use at companies across the cannabis industry.

Cy Scott
Headset Inc.

The former founder of Leafly, Cy Scott went on to co-found and hold the CEO position of Headset Inc., a company that helps cannabis businesses make better decisions based on data-driven market intelligence and insights. He also founded the monthly Cannabis Tech Meetup, bringing droves of entrepreneurs and tech wizards together. The meetup has gone on to flourish across America. Scott has a preference for the Tangie strain.

Amanda Reiman
Flow Kana

After receiving her PhD from UC Berkeley, Amanda Reiman served as director of research and patient services at the Berkeley Patients Group and the manager of marijuana law and policy for the Drug Policy Alliance. As head of community relations for Flow Kana, she now helps small farmers in the Emerald Triangle bring their small-batch craft cannabis to market and compete with larger production facilities. Reiman’s work supports the local grow ops that create superior sun-grown flowers using traditional farming methods.

Rico Tarver
Baker Technologies

Rico Tarver is the California market manager for Baker Technologies, the cannabis industry’s largest software company, which helps over 1,000 dispensaries generate increased revenue and has raised nearly $12 million in capital. Tarver has also co-produced successful cannabis-based peer events using the Baker platform in conjunction with his own outfit, the Suave Life, in addition to CannaGather and the CBD Sundays health-and-wellness series, along with a video podcast partner-ship-in-progress with and Hits Blunt Live.

Sean Doyle