Managing Principals

Alex Thiersch is a practicing attorney and entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois. He became a consistent presence in Springfield, lobbying for the passage of the Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act in 2013, and co-founded Salveo Health & Wellness later that year. He shepherded the company through all stages of the licensing phase. This included spearheading a grassroots campaign to garner support for legal cannabis in local communities, networking and assembling Salveo’s team of experts and consultants, and visiting existing, legal grow sites in California and Colorado.

He started his own law firm, Thiersch & Associates, in 2010 and in 2013 founded the American Med Spa Association, the premier medical spa trade group in the country. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa in 1996, and his law degree from Chicago’s DePaul University in 2000.


John Dohm is an international businessman with vast experience in financial markets, as well as retail and B2B sales, purchasing, importing and exporting, and inventory management and distribution. He co-founded Salveo Health & Wellness in 2013 to cultivate and dispense medical marijuana in Illinois.  He was instrumental in raising the capital necessary to sustain the business through the licensing process, and has been in frequent contact with some of the best minds in the cannabis industry.

He has been CEO of Dohm Worldwide, an import-export company, and DPJ Wholesale, a domestic distribution company, since 2006. Prior to that he spent ten years as a financial advisor, first at Morgan Stanley and then at Wachovia, managing a portfolio of accounts valued in excess of $50 million. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa in 1996.


Financial Team

Salveo’s financial team will conduct an in-depth analysis of every possible opportunity. Potential partners will need to present not only clear, original ideas, but will also need to provide a detailed plan for realizing those ideas as well as a viable path to generate return on investment.


 Cannabis Partners

Salveo’s first-hand experience in entering a new cannabis market has led to a long and distinguished list of contacts in the industry. The company has access to highly qualified legal experts, lobbyists, growers, architects, engineers, and security advisors.