Dr. Robby Flannery

Dr. Robert Flannery (PhD, University of California, Davis) is an expert in crop optimization practices, with specialization in the optimization of hydroponic, cut-flower production. During his time at UC Davis (voted the #1 university in the world for Agricultural Sciences), Dr. Flannery worked under the tutelage of Dr. Heiner Lieth and advised commercial flower growers producing crops ranging from roses and Gerber daisies to Cannabis.

Dr. Flannery served as Production Director of SPARC, a vertically integrated cannabis growing and retailer based in San Francisco. During his time at SPARC, Dr. Flannery oversaw the launch and management of 5 cultivation sites, where he set up horticultural practices that are standard in non-Cannabis commercial grows, but are wholly absent in the Cannabis industry. Through his guidance and standard practices implementation, crop production increased an average of 33% in total flower production. Under Dr. Flannery’s guidance, the quality of Cannabis at the many cultivation sites he oversaw had also increased (cannabinoid concentrations increased 37%).

Dr. Flannery is active in the cannabis industry as both an expert advisor on growing, as well as a specialty lighting company focused on serving Cannabis cultivators, while promoting efficient energy use. Dr. Flannery is also the Founder of Sierra Consulting, a cannabis consulting company. He serves on the agriculture committee for the California Cannabis Industry Association, has worked with representatives on the Cannabis Commission at the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and often lectures around cannabis topics.

Outside the world of Cannabis, Dr. Flannery enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, cooking, exercising, photography (his primary subject is his daughter), and anything “gadget-y”. Although he enjoys watching football, he much preferred playing it. He was a 2-time All-American and 1-time Academic All-American football player in college.

Published on by John Dohm.