Alex Thiersch


Mr. Thiersch is a practicing attorney and entrepreneur who owns and operates three small businesses. In the last several years, he has established a record of building successful companies from the ground up, while at the same time identifying and responding to opportunities in the market.

In 2013, Thiersch became active in lobbying for medical cannabis in Illinois. He was a familiar face in Springfield as HB1 was being considered, and after passage he could often be found in towns around Illinois building relationships and campaigning for local support for the industry. Additionally, he’s toured the largest cultivation sites in the country and has made connections with the biggest players in cannabis. Mr. Thiersch co-founded Salveo Health &Wellness in early 2013, and was awarded one of the few Illinois dispensary licenses. He’s gained real-world experience assembling a business, raising capital, and applying for licenses in what was at the time the strictest legal cannabis program in the nation.

Mr. Thiersch founded his law firm, Thiersch & Associates, in 2010 to represent licensed medical professionals before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. That same year, when he saw a lack of representation in this space, he founded the Illinois Medical Spa Association (ILMSPA), a trade group dedicated to providing legal services to local medical spas and physicians. He quickly grew the organization into a 200-member association representing small business owners across the state. After solidifying ILMSPA’s position in Illinois Thiersch sold it in 2013 to focus on creating a national presence in the same field after identifying a similar void of service. He founded AmSpa soon after, which has become the premier medical spa association in the United States.

Published on by John Dohm.