John Dohm


Mr. Dohm is a small business owner and global businessman with experience in financial markets, as well as in the day-to-day operations of a company functioning in an international marketplace. He pairs his knowledge of wealth management with experience in retail and B2B sales, purchasing, importing and exporting, and inventory management and distributionIn 2013, Dohm co-founded Salveo Health & Wellness (a licensed Illinois medical dispensary operator), and oversaw the day-to-day operation of the company. He has been instrumental in raising the capital that carried Salveo through the Illinois application process, as well as filling out the team with qualified industry experts. He’s traveled the country gathering information and advice from the brightest minds in legal marijuana, and applied that knowledge to Salveo’s applications to cultivate and dispense medical marijuana in Illinois.

Mr. Dohm has over a decade of experience as a financial advisor. He began at Morgan Stanley, building networks and assembling a client base of high net worth individuals. He honed his ability to sift through myriad opportunities to select those with the greatest chance of return, and eventually he managed a portfolio of accounts valued in excess of $50 million. He carried his success to Wachovia where his recommendations continued to build the wealth of his clients.

Spurred by an urge for new challenges, and intrigued by his travels around the world, in 2006 he founded import-export company Dohm Worldwide, and domestic distribution company DPJ Wholesale to connect American companies to the global supply chain. Through these endeavors he brings products from Asia, Europe and South America to other small businesses across the United States. He built both companies from the ground up, and operates both as CEO.

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